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Premiere of the new album “Space Symphony”!

Michael Lotus performed 10 minute meditative composition “Falling flowers”.
The premiere of our clip “Light from within” took place!

Very long ago my path has led me to one mysterious town, where everything was as if shining with the emerald light…The inhabitants were hospitable and kind and they loved to dance and go into a trance to music, so each night during my stay there i played for them in some beautiful emerald house on a hill. In those times people didn’t know computers, so they recorded my playing on the tape cassette and the day i was leaving them, they gave it to me with the words: ” We hope some day you’ll return and we will dance together again..” All these years i kept the cassette and finally the time came to digitize it, so you all could listen and merge with the vibrations of that mysterious EMERALD TOWN